Annie - Annie Beedy - Natural Light Photographer

I'm a photographer based  in Los Angeles, California.  I shoot with natural and available light and bring the same spirit and sensitivity to everything I photograph.

What am I inclined to photograph? Plants, gardens and landscapes,  intimate domestic interiors,  people being people .. and I will  always love to observe and document life, in all it's forms,  as it plays out around us.  I have a relaxed shooting style and like to keep gear to a minimum so I can feel free and stay in the moment!   

When I'm not snappin' pics I'm probably in my own garden or helping someone else with theirs. I'm all about vibing with the natural world and I'm not afraid to get dirty - I dare say I like it!   

My work has appeared in national magazines, on record covers, countless blogs and on the sides of city buses. Some clients include : Sony Music Entertainment, Sub Pop Records, Red Light Management, Easy Sound Recording, Merge Records and Golden Gate Presents. 

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