Annie - Annie Beedy - Natural Light Photographer

I'm a photographer based  in Los Angeles, California.  I shoot with natural and available light and bring the same spirit and sensitivity to everything I photograph.

What am I inclined to photograph? Gardens, fashion, intimate domestic interiors, people being people.. and I will  always love to observe and document life, in all it's forms,  as it plays out around us.  I have a relaxed shooting style and like to keep gear to a minimum so I can feel free and stay in the moment!   

When I'm not snappin' pics I'm probably in my own garden or on a road trip (snappin' pics ;)

My work has appeared in national magazines, on record covers, countless blogs and on the sides of city busses. Some clients include : Sony Music Entertainment, Sub Pop Records, Red Light Management, Easy Sound Recording, Merge Records and Golden Gate Presents. 

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